I started to write for newspapers when I was 15 years old. My first job was a monthly column for Swiss national newspaper Tages-Anzeiger. In the following years I finished school, lived abroad and went to university. I never stopped writing.

I’ve written about chefs who mastered culinary traditions and broke them, a cyclist who conquers mountains with a single-speed bike in search for beauty, a world famous comedian who sacrifices herself for the joke on her quest to empower women, and an olympic medal winner who rides like a knight and dreams like a poet.

I lived in Berlin, London and Copenhagen. Now I’m based in Zurich, Switzerland, where I completed my masters degree in political economy and philosophy at the University of Zurich. Since my academic interests include digitalisation, personal data and the data economy, my master thesis was concerned with how a property right of personal data would affect individuals‘ standing in the data economy. 

I tend to meet interesting people along the way. This is why I started a project called #tavolagrandezh. Its aim is to bring together young bright minds to discuss brave ideas and real-world challenges. And because this city lacks a serious rascal, I co-founded Bande de Coquins, a weekly editorial about Zurich. 

I like  photography, too. Alongside my written work you also find a visual diary on this page. All photos are taken by me, unless stated otherwise.

Born in 1991.