Publications in International, Peer-Reviewed Scientific Journals:

Fischli, R. (2021). Citizens’ Freedom Invaded: Domination in the Data Economy. History of Political Thought, 42(1), forthcoming.

Book Chapters:

Beschorner, T., and Fischli, R. (2022). Der Begriff der Freiheit im Kontext der Digitalisierung. In: Schmidt, Matthias (ed.): Kompendium Digitale Transformation. Pressbooks [open access].

Submitted / Unpublished Articles:

Fischli, R. (2021). Data-Owning Democracy: Empowering Citizens via Data Ownership. [under review at European Journal of Political Philosophy]

Fischli, R. and Beschorner, T. (2021). Digital Freedom: A Prison Break. [submitted to Morals and Machines].