The Swiss Digital Initiative spoke to me about digital freedom, empowerment, and how data-owning democracy can pave the way toward a more just internet. Take a look.

Recent / Upcoming Conferences:

American Philosophical Association 2023

I’m invited to speak on ‚Social Media as Private Government‘ at the yearly convention of the American Philosophical Association (Pacific Division) in San Francisco in April 2023.

Algorithms and Workplace Justice (Stanford University):

I was invited to present recent work on Transparency and Algorithmic Power at the Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence (HAI) and McCoy Family Center for Ethics in Society’s workshop on Algorithms and Workplace Justice from October 17-18, 2022. Discussant: Hélène Landermore.

APSA 2022 (Montréal):

At the American Political Science Association’s Annual Meeting (September 15-18), I present my most recent paper ‚Data-Owning Democracy‘ (European Journal of Political Theory, see below) at the panel ‚Democratizing Digital Tech? Democratic Prospects and Pitfalls in the Digital Age‘ together with Dr. James Muldoon (University of Exeter), Dr. Heather Pincock (Kennesaw State University), John Wagner Givens (Spelman College), Dr. Lowry Pressly (Brown University), and Prof. Dr. Jennifer Forestal (Loyola University, Chicago).

MANCEPT 2022 (University of Manchester):

Together with Dr. Rahel Süss (Humboldt University, London School of Economics and Political Science, New Institute Hamburg) and Dr. James Muldoon (University of Exeter), I am co-organizing a workshop on ‚Digital Democracy: Resistance and Governance in a Digital Era‘ at MANCEPT 2022 (September 7-9).

Latest Publications:

Fischli, R. (2022). Data-Owning Democracy: Citizen Empowerment through Data Ownership. European Journal of Political Theory, online first [open access].

Fischli, R. and Beschorner, T. (2022). Digital Freedom: Opening Up the Debate. Morals & Machines, 2(1).

Fischli, R. and Beschorner, T. (2022). Digital Freedom. Philosophy Now, Issue 151. Available online.